A downloadable Ashes Of Numrhak

The Game

Tulpa is a young hunter who gets wrongfully accused for the murder of the heir of his tribe. While attempting to flee the city and its enraged citizens, the soul of the ancient magical being Thamm Lemm finds him and embodies him. Both souls, now living in the same body, realize that a dark power has been awakened by the same ones who accused Tulpa of the murder. Together, these two souls must find and destroy the mask of the Fifth, an artifact that holds a powerful evil soul in it.

Ashes of Numrhak is a cooperative third person action-adventure game for 2 players. They will have to cooperate by playing the same body at the same time, without split screen or shared controller.

Second year Master degree project at the CNAM-ENJMIN.
This project is a vertical slice produced in 3 months.

The team:


Ashes of Numrhak 1.1 Windows 2.1 GB


Art Station Téo Salvi (character)
ArtStation Tamara Fernandez (environnement)

Soundtrack  - Marion Perret

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