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The Game : 

You were here since the beginning, shaping the universe, as a cosmic being. But as the world wither and a new big bang is coming your old nemesis is back. Who will survive this new dawn and rule the next universe?

Joute Céleste is an offline versus fighting game. You control a cosmic entity who can grab asteroids, planets or stars and launch it into the limb of space. Your goal is to kill your nemesis by targeting it with astral bodies. However you have to be quick because the end of the world is near and the big bang will wipe us all.

Controls : (Xbox controller)

  • Left Joystick : Movement
  • Right Joystick : Free targeting [Otherwise you have an auto aim]
  • LT : Dash [tap]
  • LB : Grab [tap] / Heal [hold] (only with the star)
  • RB : Launch [tap] / Charge [hold]

Tips :

  • You can heal yourself when you grab a star and hold the LB button.
  • You can dash twice.
  • BEWARE after your second dash you wont be able to move!
  • When you charge your launch you can still dash so be creative.
  • If your aura expend you'll be quicker but it means your health is low.

The team :

This game was made by a team of nine French students from the school CNAM ENJMIN for the NanoProject in the span of four weeks. The theme was "Versus Fighting Game".

  • Lucas "CauliFlowerz" BELAROUCI :
    Project Manager -itch.io
  • Chiara "Rambar" ROSMARINO :
    Game Design & Level Design - itch.io
  • JesperVertigo :
    Game Design, Level Design & Voice Acting - itch.io
  • Lisa "risamisu" BERMIS :
    2D VFX, Animation, Character Design & Menu Background -itch.io
  • Elise Malbec :
    Background & Assets, 2D VFX, Logo - itch.io
  • Laurianne "LaurianneSound" ESPINADEL :
    Music & Sound FX - itch.io Youtube
  • SamuelBUSSON :
    Programming & 3D VFX - itch.io
  • Fabpk90 :
    Programming - itch.io
  • Tellios :
    UX Design - itch.io
  • Giomee :
    Voice Acting - itch.io


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Good work !

Very pleasant overall result.
The whole is very coherent but the size of the different objects may not be suitable: Huge planet in the background and very small usable planets, the titanic side fades somewhat.
Small negative point on the typography of the tutorial, it is not really suitable, we lose the science fiction side.

Attractive visual and sound effects and good management of joystick vibrations.
And a lot of fun.